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Upper Elementary

The Philip and Shirley Hurwitz Upper Elementary School

The Bais Yaakov Upper Elementary School is committed to the Bais Yaakov vision of providing excellence in education for all students in a warm, caring, and friendly environment. Students engage in a variety of learning activities in both the morning Limudei Kodesh and afternoon General Studies programs. Our caring faculty bring their simchas hachayim (happiness of life) to their students and create a warm environment here in our school.

Connecting with Hashem

The girls develop a strong desire to connect to Hashem through their introduction to the Shmona Esrei. They complete the entire Sefer Breishis and find time to apply the lessons of the Avos (Patriarchs) and Imahos (Matriarchs) into practical acts of chessedtzeddaka, and regular opportunities to interact in healthy social relationships with their friends and neighbors.

Reading and Mathematics

Academically, the girls read with independence to master their learning; they use higher-order thinking skills in their reading groups and write beautifully structured paragraphs in a variety of genres. It is exciting to watch the students sing and dance their way down the hall with their newly mastered computation facts in the areas of multiplication, division, and the use of fractions. The girls are able to highlight this beautifully each year together with their mothers during our annual Math Expo.

Time to Perform

Each class has a chance to shine through the performance of a song, dance, or skit throughout the year. In the morning, the classes prepare music videos to compliment the school-wide program, or put on a dance and song about Sara Schenirer or the selected theme at our monthly Hallel assemblies. In the afternoon, the 4th Grade culminates a major unit with a dramatic performance that incorporates so many of the skills and talents found within each of our students.

Growing into Ourselves

The moros highlight our students’ middos tovos through riveting programs from the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation’s Yesodei Halashon Program, and through our own school-wide program with activities that boost their spirit of being and the importance of presenting oneself as a Bas Yisroel.The school guidance counselors teach us about empathy, social awareness, and creating a culture of kindness in our students and their lives.  We build pride in our school, in our Moros and teachers, and in our love for being a Bais Yaakov student, as the girls culminate their Elementary School experience and get set for the responsibilities and privileges of Middle School.


Upper Elementary

Rabbi Yochanon Stein

Mrs. Chaya Hoffman
Limudei Kodesh Coordinator

Mrs. Rachel Gedalius
General Studies Coordinator

Miss Penina Goldstein
Special Education Coordinator

Mrs. Rachell Tajerstein
Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Libby Kraft
Guidance Counselor