For centuries, Klal Yisroel has upheld the critical relationship between Torah learning and its support through the Parnas Hayom model of sponsorship, in which individuals share in the merit created by Torah study.  Together, Tefilla and Torah study have always been the tried and true methods through which to invoke Divine assistance.  Bais Yaakov is proud to continue this longstanding tradition by offering the opportunity to dedicate our students’ daily davening and learning.

Sponsoring a “Day of Davening and Learning” is a most appropriate way to mark a Yahrtzeit or another meaningful specific date.  Additional possibilities include occasions for honoring someone special, sponsoring when there is a need for refua shleima (recovery from illness), looking to celebrate a simcha or significant milestone.

The day’s sponsorship will be prominently displayed and publicly announced to students at Bais Yaakov.  In addition, an announcement will be emailed to the general community at the start of the school day.

To Sponsor your Day of Davening and Learning

Please fill out the form below or contact Rabbi Gross by calling 443-548-7700 ext. 511 or e-mailing

  • anon rochel basya DODL 9_4_2019
  • Elisheva Chaya bas Leah DODL 9_9_2019
  • Mrs. Ida Milstein AH _ Gross DODL_9_10_2019
  • Geela Rivka Rochel bas Yechiel Simcha DODL 9_17_2019
  • Guttman Pleeter DODL 9_23_2019
  • MrsElinorCohnDODL 9_27_2019
  • MrsEstherBirnbaumAH DODL 10_7_2019
  • Mrs Rochel Polonski AH DODL 11_12_2019
  • Rabbi Freedman ZTL DODL 11_13_2019
  • DODL Chaya Tzipporah Shaindel bas Chana Leah
  • DODL Mrs Rose Halpern
  • DODL Nechi Eisgrau
  • Dara Alper DODL 11_25_2019
  • DODL Lurman
  • Marty Schultz DODL 12_4_2019
  • Mrs Sara Wygoda DODL 12_4_2019
  • Mrs Shari Siman-Tov DODL 12_5_2019
  • Mrs Esther Tendler DODL 12_5_2019
  • malka bracha DODL 12_11_2019
  • Chana Leah DODL 12_12_2019
  • Necha Bas Meir DODL 1_2_2020
  • RabbiLozerKatz DODL 1_6_2020 preschool
  • RabbiLozerKatz DODL 1_6_2020
  • felder DODL 5_4_2020
  • elefant DODL 5_22_2020
  • Selig DODL 5_26_2020
  • anon Rochel Basya bas Chana Leah Chaya DODL 6_3_2020
  • Engelsberg DODL 6_4_2020
  • Felder DODL 6_8_2020
  • Grateful Parents DODL 6_9_2020