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The Bais Yaakov PTA is a group of committed parent volunteers that works hard with the school to enrich our daughters’ Bais Yaakov experience. Through membership and other fundraisers, we sponsor various extracurricular activities that enhance the educational program in the school. From Yom Tov projects, special guest presentations, Chagigahs, and school trips, the PTA enjoys creating opportunities for every child to enjoy learning in fun and creative ways.

Every dollar collected for the PTA goes directly to enhance the children’s enjoyment at each level of the school.  Your membership, volunteerism, and participation in our fundraisers allow the school to limit the number of times we ask for money throughout the year for trips, projects, and celebrations.

We welcome your suggestions for fundraisers, sponsorships, and ways to enrich our girls’ experience in Bais Yaakov.

We look forward to working together to help Bais Yaakov create an enjoyable school experience for our daughters!


PTA Presidium

Layah Greenfield
Bassie Stein
Tamar Zelcer

PTA Programs