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High School

The Eva Winer High School

The High School represents the final stage of our students’ growth and development as true Bnos Torah, aiming for highest goals in living their lives according to our hallowed Mesorah – Tradition. Whether in academics or programming, the overarching ruach at school is one of striving for supreme levels of Torah inspiration and commitment.

Torah Personality

Our intense Tanach study develops critical thinking skills, at the same time that students absorb fundamental hashkafos. Focused programs like our ninth grade Eretz Yisroel Bee, tenth grade Yesodos for hashkafa, eleventh grade Tzohar for tznius, and twelfth grade Chayei Mishpacha Speaker Program help to develop the whole person and prepare our students for vital matters they will deal with after graduation. Holocaust Studies in twelfth grade not only educate, but inspire regarding the faith so many retained in the crucible of that fearful era.

Curriculum and Activities

We combine a demanding Kodesh academic curriculum with an extensive liberal arts program and a wide variety of extracurricular activities, designed to refine our students’ strengths and to encourage them to identify and develop different facets of their personalities. Our General Studies curriculum is supplemented with hands on science labs and stimulating debates. Students visit our nation’s capital, meet political figures and observe government in action. Our STEM program has consistently won awards with our innovative programming and robotics inventions.

Warmth and Inclusion

Friendships formed in early childhood are cemented in High School and new students are warmly welcomed. Our students come from different backgrounds and they deepen their acceptance and tolerance of one another and learn to value the uniqueness of each individual. We create a positive environment in which our students take pride in themselves and our school, which is evidenced by the fact that 30% of our teachers are alumnae.

Community and Collaboration

Students are encouraged to participate in outreach initiatives such as mentoring younger girls, visiting nursing homes, providing well-earned respite to families of children with special needs, and participating in tzedakah projects. This refines middos and fosters a sense of communal responsibility. Convention, Exhibit, and Production are cyclical, prodigious undertakings, in which students gain invaluable leadership skills and collaborative techniques and are afforded the opportunity to shine in areas of art, dance, drama, and music.

Bais Yaakov and Beyond

The wonderful, well-rounded Torah personalities who emerge from the High School program are a source of great pride to Bais Yaakov and to the entire Baltimore Jewish community.

Rabbi Zweig
Rabbi Yechezkel Zweig

Rabbi Yehoshua Shapiro
Associate Principal

Mrs. Brenda Willner
Limudei Kodesh Coordinator

Mrs. Elise Wolf
General Studies Principal

Rabbi Shaul Engelsberg
Dean of Students

Mrs. Elisheva Shnidman
Supervisor, Learning Center

Mrs. Chayala Isbee
Guidance Counselor

Exhibit 2017 – Experience a virtual walk through that feels so real, it’s like being there.

This virtual walk through immerses the viewer in the larger than life Bais Yaakov of Baltimore exhibit that was open to the public in January 2017. The Exhibits have been presented to the public every four to five years and are a truly unique experience drawing thousands of visitors.

The Exhibit theme,”Eishes Chayil: Guardians of Our Glory- A Celebration of Women in Tanach,” movingly depicts the central role that our Imahos (matriarchs) and nevios (prophetesses) played in the development of our people. The Exhibit occupied an entire high school floor, encompassing eleven large classrooms and hallways.

Join us in celebrating our students success and enjoy their research and original artwork.