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1/13/2023 – Bais Yaakov Baltimore Middle School wins at CIJE Robotics Tournament (BJL)

12/13/2022 – Bais Yaakov Auction leaves an ‘Impression’ (Baltimore Jewish Home)

11/24/2022 – What is Discovery? (Baltimore Jewish Home)

9/3/2022 – Bais Yaakov 1st & 2nd Grade Parents hear Parenting Remarks from Rabbi Shais Taub (BJL)

3/23/2022 – CIJE Helps Baltimore Orthodox Jewish School Students Build Robots (Photos)

1/13/2022 – Bais Yaakov Dolphin Club Soup Sale Raises Money for Orphans in Eretz Yisroel (Photos)

1/7/2022 – Bais Yaakov Lower Elementary AT The Forefront of Innovative Teaching

5/20/2021 – Journey Through the Generations: Bais Yaakov of Baltimore High School Exhibit (Hamodia Spotlight)

12/2/2021 – Bais Yaakov’s Impressions Auction Draws Rave Reviews

12/8/2021 – Market Maven Welcomes Bais Yaakov of Baltimore 4 & 5 Year Olds For A Brachos Tour

11/24/2021 – Bais Yaakov’s Impression Auction Draws Rave Reviews (Photos) (BJL)

9/11/2021 – Rabbi Reuven Savitz, Z”L (Matzav)

9/11/2021 – BDE: Rabbi Reuven Savitz, Z”L, Former Executive Director of Bais Yaakov of Baltimore (BJL)

9/9/2021 – Nissim at Bais Yaakov Park Heights – Hodu LaShem Ki Tov, Ki L’Olam Chasdo (BJL)

7/19/2021 – Mazel tov to Maya Herman on Winning the Alliantgroup Blue Heart Fund STEM Scholarship! (BJL)

5/14/2021 – A Magnificent Journey: Behind the Scenes at Bais Yaakov’s Exhibit (WWW)

3/25/2021 – Bais Yaakov of Baltimore Announces New Middle School Principal (BJL)

3/4/2021 – Bais Yaakov Alumnae Reminisce and Reflect (BJH)

2/18/2021 – Bais Yaakov of Baltimore; Perspectives (BJH)

1/17/2021 -The Beginnings of Bais Yaakov (WWW)

9/9/2020 – Bais Yaakov of Baltimore Hosts Gala Drive-In Event

08/26/2020 – “G” Whiz Class (Hamodia Inyan)

07/8/2020 – Achudus Patchwork Quilt Project (Hamodia)

06/23/2020 – Bais Yaakov of Baltimore Holds In-Person Graduation – Photos (BJL/Hamodia)

06/18/2020 – Dare to Dream – A Graduation Classic – Video (BJL)

06/18/2020 – Bais Yaakov Graduation: Parents Reflect – Video (BJL)

06/17/2020 – Bais Yaakov of Baltimore Hosts Annual Technology Program

4/01/2020 – Bais Yaakov of Baltimore High School Senior Tova Cohn Awarded STEM Scholarship (BJL)

2/27/2020 – A Celebration of Bais Yaakov: A Historic Women’s Gala Event – Video (BJL)

1/27/2020 – Bais Yaakov Kindergarten Grandparents Day – Video (BJL)

11/12/2019 – Bais Yaakov of Baltimore Steps Up to the Challenges of the Digital Age

11/06/2019 – Bais Yaakov Alumnae Event in Lakewood – An Evening of Connection and Inspiration (Photos)

7/01/2019 – A Note From Rabbi Moshe Hauer – In Memory of Mrs. Leah Steinhardt z”l

5/30/2019 – Bais Yaakov High School Robotics Club Takes First Place in Inaugural CIJE Robotics Competition (Video)

5/09/2019 – Bais Yaakov Baltimore’s Dolphin Club Treats Jewish Caring Network Families and Friends to a Free Carnival Exclusively for Them (Photos)

4/16/2019 – Bais Yaakov of Baltimore and Bnos Yisroel Students Tour Johns Hopkins University’s Whiting School Of Engineering (Photos)

4/01/2019 – Bais Yaakov Honors Community Leaders and Celebrates ‘Excellence In Education’

6/19/2018 – Bais Yaakov Class of ’68 to Celebrates a 50-Year Reunion

6/7/2018 – Bais Yaakov Students’ Invention is a Hit at CIJE Innovation Day

3/22/2018 – Shared Interests Make Allies of Jewish and Non-Jewish Advocates for BOOST

8/24/2017 – Tackling Tuition, Part 2: The Case of Baltimore

3/16/2017 – Bais Yaakov Students Give a Boost to the BOOST Program

3/2/2017 – Behind the Scenes of the Bais Yaakov Exhibit

2/3/2017 – A Celebration of Women in Tanach at Bais Yaakov of Baltimore’s 2017 Exhibit

11/5/2017 – BDE: Rabbi Mendel Freedman A”H, Principal of Bais Yaakov of Baltimore (Hamodia)

5/23/2016 – Bais Yaakov Elementary Teachers and Faculty Meet and Greet (Photo Essay)

9/8/2011 – Bais Yaakov of Baltimore Over 700 Girls and Still one Small Family (Hamodia Binyan