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The Joseph & Corinne Schwartz Preschool

Our youngest students, ages three, four, and five, acclimate to Bais Yaakov in our warm and nurturing Preschool. Our program cultivates a love for Torah and mitzvos and lays the foundation for healthy social and emotional development, and academic readiness.

Our Staff

Our Preschool moros and teachers lovingly help our girls adjust to a school setting.  Utilizing a creative multisensory approach to education, our teachers build academic and social skills, instill middos tovos, and focus on the needs of each child.

Our Program

Our Preschool is a Maryland State Department of Education certified non-public school, and our General Studies program meets those standards and requirements.  Our staff focuses on instilling a love for learning and encourages students to become independent, a cornerstone of success.  Weekly physical education, art, and music classes round out our curriculum.

Our Growth

Our goal is to help mold our students into Bnos Torah, and we begin with our youngest pupils.  We partner with our parent body to actualize our shared vision of students with confidence and positive self-esteem.  We aim to develop wholesome children, who are proud of their Yiddishkeit and exemplify what it means to be mekadesh shem shomayim (sanctify Hashem’s name).


Rabbi Yitzchok Sanders

Mrs. Miriam Trout
Preschool Director

Mrs. Etty Wolf
Assistant Preschool Director>

Mrs. Rachell Tajerstein
Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Libby Kraft
Guidance Counselor

Important Files

Lice Handbook