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Bais Yaakov of Baltimore is proud to present  “Journeys Through The Generations,” an Exhibit celebrating the struggles and triumphs of the Jewish people throughout the ages.  This unique project features the magnificent and sophisticated displays for which Bais Yaakov of Baltimore has become famous. Over the past year, students have researched and designed a multitude of presentations depicting major events and individuals who have shaped the course of our nation’s history.  

The Bais Yaakov Exhibit has proven to be highly innovative and effective in helping students reach their full creative potential, while equally influential in enhancing their academic success and social endeavors.  A wide variety of art media is purposely incorporated into the program’s design in order to accommodate the differing creative talents of our students and to allow everyone to “find her calling” and zero in on her unique abilities.  Working together in an out-of-classroom setting offers a unique atmosphere of teamwork and camaraderie where our students gain self-esteem, self-awareness, and a desire to contribute and succeed, to be inspired and inspire others. 

The Exhibit week is an exciting and enriching occasion that has attracted visitors from across the United States and Canada. You can help with this exciting endeavor that goes far in promoting Jewish awareness and values, while helping our students enhance their academic, social and creative skills.