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Uniform Guidelines

It is very important to adhere to these guidelines. It is uncomfortable and embarrassing for your daughter to be told that her uniform is not in order. Thank you for your cooperation.

Bais Yaakov Uniform G’mach

To Purchase:

Please call Mrs. Sandra Friedman at 410-653-5481

Appointments are usually on Sundays. During the summer months there are appointments available during the week.

To Donate:

Drop off your used uniforms, simply drop them off. We clean, mend, and make them available for resale at a fraction of their original cost. 

We are especially looking for pre-school uniforms. If you no longer need yours, please consider donating them. 

Drop off at:

  • Any BY Office – clearly labeled Uniform G’mach
  • Horowitz Family – 3208 Northbrook Road
  • Friedman Family – 415 Yeshiva Lane