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Lower Elementary

The Philip & Shirley Hurwitz Lower Elementary School

The Bais Yaakov Lower Elementary School, which is comprised of first and second graders, fosters social, academic and emotional growth in our students.  We are able to accomplish this largely because of our partnership with our parent body.  Students are challenged with a rigorous academic curriculum while developing Yiras Shomayim (fear of heaven), excellent middos and personal connections with Hashem.

Our Staff

Our moros are magnificent role models who bring our students special Shabbos treats.  While explaining the meaning of the precious words of our tefilos, they emphasize that davening is more about the emotions in our hearts than the motions of our bodies.  Our teachers develop innovative and exciting programming, plays and activities which cultivate a thirst for learning and a love of reading.  Our staff creates a warm and nurturing environment in which the needs of each individual child are met. 

Our Kodesh Program

Our girls enter First Grade with a strong foundation from Preschool.  Within months, they are reading lashon hakodesh with accuracy and fluency.  The excitement and pride is evident on their faces as they daven from their beautifully decorated siddurim.  Lessons highlighting the middos of our Avos (Patriarchs) and Imahos (Matriarchs)  build important skills and encourage self development.  Our students delight in finding the letters of their names in a Sefer Torah and blossom as they showcase their talents in parsha skits; activities that instill a love for Torah and Yiddishkeit.

Our General Studies Program

Leveled reading instruction with individualized attention creates an environment in which every student can excel.  Challenging math concepts are brought to life with PowerPoint presentations and manipulatives. Science and technology are exciting and relevant with guest scientists, experiments and even furry friends.  Our curriculum is structured to enable each girl to learn at her own level and pace.

Our Growth

Weekly library, physical education and art sessions enrich our curriculum.  With a plethora of special activities, songs, videos, plays, guest presenters, assemblies and trips, students are able to embrace their individuality.  Experienced school counselors teach our students to identify their feelings and develop the social skills necessary to build friendships and stay positive.

Lower Elementary

Rabbi Yitzchok Sanders

Mrs. Rivky Brecher
Limudei Kodesh Coordinator

Mrs. Beth Pasternak
General Studies Coordinator

Miss Penina Goldsein
Special Education Coordinator

Mrs. Rachell Tajerstein
Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Libby Kraft
Guidance Counselor

Important Files

Lice Handbook