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Recorder Recital – Live Streaming Event

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Please click on the recorder to launch the recital

Please note: The camera will only go live a few minutes before the scheduled time.

Being that this event is on Sunday, the office will not be staffed to help if you have a problem connecting. If you have a problem, try using Internet Explorer or disconnect, wait a minute or two, and try reconnecting.

Please check with your family to know in which program your granddaughter is participating.

The schedule on Sunday, April 3rd for the recitals is as follows:

PROGRAM 1———5B | Morah Lerner & 5D | Morah Burstein—————-3:30 pm

PROGRAM 2———5A | Morah Herskowitz & 5E | Morah Sauer—————4:30pm

PROGRAM 3———5C | Morah Goldstein———————————–5:30pm