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WWW purim 22

Baltimore or US Orders

using coupon code BYPTA22
Or call the Candy Store: 410.653.9900
Phone order deadline 03/07
Online order deadline 03/13
Ask about our kid packages and more expensive baskets!

Eretz Yisroel Orders

using coupon code BYPTA22

WhatsApp 972. 52. 558. 6999
or phone 972. 52. 558. 6999

Order deadline 03/07


PTA Mishloach Manos for Middle and High School Teachers as well as Administrators and Support Staff.

We will send a beautiful Mishloach Manos from The Candy Store to each staff member with a list of students who participated. 
Just $25 per student sends Mishloach Manos to all your daughter’s teachers and the administrators*! (*This comes to about $2 per teacher depending on the grade!)
Add just $5 per family to send Mishloach Manos to Support Staff!