Middle School

The Rabbi Benjamin Steinberg Middle School

We like to think of the Middle School as a student’s formative years – years that witness a student’s maturation into a competent, confident individual. We also like to believe that we, the Bais Yaakov faculty, do our utmost to create an environment in which the girls can come to fully appreciate themselves, their community, and their mesorah. At the Middle School, our emphasis is on developing the whole child because we believe that competence leads to true self-confidence. And we believe that confidence is the foundation for future success.

Overseeing the journey of hundreds of students from youthful fifth graders to self-assured eighth graders, has taught us that education in Middle School is about so much more than just academics. Thus, our traditional curriculum is supplemented with essential developmental workshops, extracurricular activities, special programs, and hands-on educational fairs. We believe that these opportunities provide the girls with an education that reaches far beyond the classroom, helping mold them into productive, well-rounded individuals.

This ideology does not detract from scholastics, however. Our classroom settings are characterized by an excitement for learning because of our engaging, warm teaching staff. Teachers tirelessly prepare lesson plans that are both informative and interesting, to ensure the students’ success. The students also benefit from the resources provided by our state-of-the-art computer labs, use of SmartBoard technology in the classrooms, and our fully-stocked library. Other classes, such as P.E. and Art, help refine all facets of our students’ talents. The Learning Center and private tutors offer one-on-one instruction for students with different learning styles, while grade counselors and the school psychologist ensure the wellbeing and comfort of each and every girl.

Bais Yaakov Middle School provides an education that addresses all aspects of a student’s needs. In our trademark caring, warm atmosphere, our girls blossom into unique individuals who take responsibility and initiative. They are prepared to enter the next phase in their journey with the invaluable tools of self-knowledge and an appreciation for Torah life.