Positivity Pointers – Mrs. Lefkovitz

Dear Alumnae,
Thank you to those of you who joined us on Zoom last night. It was special to reconnect with so many of our alumnae. Please enjoy the recording of lasts night’s shiur “Positivity Pointers” given by Mrs. Zahava Lefkovitz. We hope you will be inspired.
We appreciate the wonderful positive feedback we have been receiving and welcome all suggestions for future alumnae opportunities.
Additionally, sponsorships for future alumnae events are available. Please contact Rabbi Aaron Gross at ragross@baisyaakov.net for details.
We look forward to seeing everyone at our Shavuos shiur by Mrs. Yehudis Feldman.
Wishing everyone a safe and freilichen Purim.
Best regards,
Yocheved Lieder
The Bais Yaakov Alumnae Association