The Bais Yaakov PTA is a group of parents committed to enhancing the quality of school life by sponsoring programs and activities that enrich our daughters’ Bais Yaakov experience. The PTA’s sponsorships, which include Yom Tov projects, special guest presentations, Chagigahs, and school trips, are valued by Bais Yaakov’s students, teachers, and parents. Additionally the PTA provides funding for the school libraries in all three divisions of Bais Yaakov and donates special equipment that benefits the school.

Parent participation in the PTA’s various fundraisers throughout the year enable us to continue and expand upon our sponsorships. We particularly urge our supporters to participate in those fundraising projects that do not cost them any extra money yet can benefit Bais Yaakov’s students in a significant way (i.e. Box Tops, store card programs, and Amazon program).

We welcome your suggestions for fundraisers, sponsorships, and ways to enhance the parent-school relationship. We look forward to working together to help Bais Yaakov create a wonderful school experience for our daughters!