April 20, 2016

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we are writing to you announcing significant new administrative changes in our school.

As you know, thirteen months ago Rabbi Mendel D. Freedman informed us of his intention to retire. Under his remarkable leadership for more than three decades, the school has grown tremendously in both quality and quantity. Recognizing this growth, the Vaad HaChinuch, with the approval of its Rabbonim and the Board, has made the following changes and appointments:

• The Elementary School will be separated into two Divisions. The Lower Division will consist of the preschool, 1st and 2nd grades. The Upper Division will consist of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. The school will continue to operate “under one roof”, both literally and figuratively, as an integrated entity. But for purposes of administration, we believe that the number of student and increasing complexity of education warrants these changes.

• The Lower Division Principal will be Rabbi Yitzchok Sanders. Rabbi Sanders is already well known to the Bais Yaakov community. His tremendous warmth, dedication, and skill with students, staff, and parents assure us that he will harness his proven strengths to further develop our school and provide the direction which has been the hallmark of our mission.

• Rabbi Sanders will be assisted by several coordinators. The preschool will continue under the very able direction of Mrs. Miriam Trout, assisted by Mrs. Ettie Wolf. The Limudei Kodesh Coordinator will be Mrs. Liora Rosen whose reputation in the school for dedication and professionalism is well recognized. The Secular Studies Coordinator will be Mrs. Jane W. Baker, who is new to the Bais Yaakov family. Her appointment will bring her outstanding skills as a reading specialist and on-going teacher training and evaluation professional to Bais Yaakov.

• The Upper Division Principal will be Rabbi Yochanon Stein. Rabbi Stein has a long and distinguished background in education. He brings a high level of professionalism combined with a proven record of interpersonal management skills. His enthusiasm, originality, and sense of mission will greatly enhance the management team and will bring the level of chinuch in our school to new heights.

• Rabbi Stein will be aided by Mrs. Shira Hochheimer as the new Limudei Kodesh Coordinator. Mrs. Hochheimer, an alumna of Bais Yaakov, comes to us from Rochester, New York. She has demonstrated outstanding skills in multiple levels of chinuch. Her enthusiasm and drive will infuse the school with a professionalism combined with warmth and she will add tremendously to the team. Mrs. Lisa Schecter will complete the team as the Secular Studies Coordinator. She is well known to Bais Yaakov, having served the school with dedication and professionalism for many years.

We are confident that this outstanding team and the reorganization through which they will serve will enhance the administrative strategy of the school and will bring us to the next level as one of the flagship Bais Yaakovs in the country. We are very proud of the stellar work which our unbelievably dedicated teachers continue to provide. We pray for Hashem’s continued blessing as we move forward.

Wishing you all a chag kosher v’sameach,

Dr. Shmuel Markovitz, President
Yoel Jakobovits, MD, Chair, Vaad HaChinuch