Elementary School

The Philip & Shirley Hurwitz Elementary School

The Bais Yaakov Elementary School is a place where students develop a special connection to Hashem, His Mitzvos and the Torah. This is facilitated through our spirit of fostering a warm bond between the school and the home. Parents and students form excellent relationships with their Moros, teachers, and Hanhala as the girls learn and grow socially, academically, and emotionally through their years at Bais Yaakov.

The Elementary is divided into two divisions: The Lower and Upper Elementary Divisions.

The Lower Elementary is from Preschool through Grade Two under the Leadership of its Principal, Rabbi Yitzchok Sanders. The Upper Elementary is comprised of Grades Three and Four under the leadership of its Principal, Rabbi Yochanon Stein.

The curriculum and policies are consistent with Bais Yaakov of Baltimore’s mission of providing Excellence in Education for each student. We welcome you to explore each division to learn more.

The girls enter first grade with their foundational skills in place from their preschool experience. Within a very short time, they are reading lashon hakodesh as well as English. The focus in both languages is on accuracy, fluency, and comprehension. Together with kriah skills in the first grade, the girls learn safa, dikduk, and Hebrew writing. They receive their siddurim mid-year, and after Pesach, begin to study chumash. The children’s chumash skills are strengthened from year to year. The goal is to provide them with the tools to figure out and learn a posuk of chumash on their own. Spoken Hebrew language skills are taught in the context of their daily studies.

The scope and sequence of the yomim tovim curriculum provide the children with new and additional information about the yomim tovim in each year of their Elementary School experience. Yahadus units, focusing on specific mitzvos and themes e.g. chessed, shabbos, bikur cholim, etc. are incorporated into the daily lessons throughout the Elementary School. Additionally, there is a yearly school-wide program that focuses on a particular midah, characteristic, or theme e.g. ashreinu, hashgacha pratis, koach hadibbur, derech eretz, shmitta, etc.

In the general studies area, reading instruction is tracked by ability to support homogeneous instruction in this critical area of development. Math lessons taught within the heterogeneous groupings of the student’s homeroom class. Through various methods, the girls have the ability to learn at their own level and at their own pace. The girls learn Social Studies and Science units in their afternoon classes as well.

All the grades have weekly library and physical education sessions. Computer instruction begins in the middle of second grade and by the time the girls leave the fourth grade, their keyboarding skills have advanced to a proficient level and through guided instruction the girls master the basics of Microsoft Word and other computer applications. Both in limudei kodesh and in general studies, there are special activities, guest presentations, as well as trips that enhance the program.