75th Anniversary Dinner

75th Anniversary Dinner

We would like to take this opportunity to express our collective appreciation to those who were able to join us at this year’s 75th Anniversary Dinner. Your presence greatly enhanced this special occasion. We are also deeply grateful to all of our supporters who contributed so generously to the Dinner Campaign in particular, as well as to those who provide for our well being throughout the year.

As we celebrated Bais Yaakov’s 75th anniversary, the dinner also marked the official launch of our Smith Avenue Campus Expansion Project and the new Middle School building dedicated in memory of Mrs. Laure Gutman, a”h, by the Gutman Family. We thank all those who have contributed to the Capital Campaign, thus making the project a reality.

With tremendous s’yata d’shmaya – Divine assistance, the overall success of our Dinner Campaign was achieved through the hard work of an exceptional group of staff members and volunteers. The event certainly captured the beauty and history of Bais Yaakov – our past, present and bright future.

The campaign phone calls, the decor and centerpieces, the moving tributes and videos, and more, were all planned and organized by our devoted staff, and inspired alumnae and parents. We are grateful to all of them for their ongoing commitment to Bais Yaakov.

We are proud to share with you the various speeches, video presentations, and journal from this memorable evening. Please feel free to pass them along to your family and friends.

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